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Great Ecology’s Utah Office Opens

Great Ecology is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah—a strategic location to serve the needs of regional clients. Senior Ecologist and local expert, Rick Black, will direct our Salt Lake City business activities. Rick brings 25 years of consulting experience working with industry leaders in the energy, mining, and transportation sectors. In addition, he has experience supporting federal clients, including the Departments of Defense and Transportation. Rick’s expertise in threatened and endangered species biology, habitat ecology, and rangeland, wetlands, and riparian ecology complements the Great Ecology mission to apply science and design to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions.

Photo Courtesy of: Roseman University

Photo Courtesy of: Roseman University

Contact Rick to learn how Great Ecology and Rick can support your projects, and to find out more about our local initiatives in the Salt Lake City region.

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San Diego’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies Award

San Diego's Fastest-Growing Private CompaniesGreat Ecology is honored to be recognized as one of San Diego’s 2014 Fastest-Growing Private Companies by the San Diego Business Journal. This is the second time Great Ecology has been granted this prestigious award since opening our San Diego office in 2010. This year’s list was extremely competitive – the 100th ranking company had a three year growth rate of 44% and the top ranking firm with a growth rate of over 1000%. Great Ecology’s CEO, Dr. Mark Laska, is exceptionally honored to have made the esteemed list and to be recognized among an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and private companies in San Diego. He shares that winning this award for the second time is truly a testament to the company’s strong values and the paramount importance of the work that Great Ecology accomplishes.


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Great Ecology’s Kentucky Office Opens

Great Ecology is thrilled to announce the opening of our newest office in Lexington, Kentucky. Led by Kentucky native and Great Ecology’s Associate Designer, Erin Hathaway, it is an exciting opportunity as the region moves towards a more sustainable and natural resource sensitive approach to design. Erin specializes in ecological guided design and has worked on complex restoration and design projects nationwide. As a member of the KYASLA executive committee, Erin is looking forward to becoming more involved in the local design community.

Contact Erin to learn more about Great Ecology’s ecological guided design services in Kentucky.

Great Ecology Kentucky Office Great Ecology’s Kentucky Office
163 East Main St, 3rd Floor,
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 559-4058


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Great Ecology Joins SER/SETAC Workshop

Ecology Team Manager, Timothy Hoelzle, joins the joint SETAC/SER-sponsored Technical Workshop, titled Restoration of Impaired Ecosystems: An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure. The week long workshop unites the nation’s leading scientists and practitioners to discuss best practices and research regarding the remediation and restoration of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems on contaminated sites. Outcomes from the workshop include a series of publications and presentations at the 2014 North American SETAC Conference in Vancouver this November, as well as a primer describing issues related to the restoration of contaminated lands.


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Urban Habitat Restoration Gaining Ground

President Dr. Mark Laska is featured in the recent Sustainable City Network’s article, Habitat Restoration Projects Abound in Urban SettingsDr. Laska joins a panel discussing the growing focus and momentum of urban habitat restoration projects within the last 10-15 years and how this trend will continue to define our future cities.

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Join Us at the Mitigation Banking Conference

Great Ecology is excited to exhibit at the 2014 Mitigation Banking Conference in Denver – May 7-9.

Come meet our team of expert mitigation consultants including, President, Dr. Mark Laska, Senior Ecologists Dr. Puja Batra and William Coleman, and Ecologists George Patten and Joshua Eldridge. See you all in Denver at booth #17!

Learn more about our mitigation banking services, ranging from project strategy to long-term stewardship.

2014 Mitigation Banking Conference Booth

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Understanding and Navigating the Proposed Clean Water Act Update

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposed update to the Clean Water Act (CWA) on March 25, 2014. It seeks to clarify the definition and scope of Waters of the United States following the 2006 Rapanos v. United States ruling which narrowed the definition of Waters of the United States. The update addresses certain aquatic resources currently not under CWA jurisdiction, including isolated wetlands, riparian areas, and tributary streams that flow perennially or ephemerally, and provides increased consistency across regional and local agencies in the application of jurisdictional water determinations. If finalized after the 90 day comment period, the update will affect both Section 404 permitting and mitigation requirements significantly impacting future development projects

If passed, there are a lot of changes coming. Great Ecology is focused on staying up to date with the changes. Contact us with any questions regarding how the proposed changes may affect your projects and what you should do in the interim.

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Join Us at the Kentucky ASLA Annual Meeting

Great Ecology is excited to present during this weekend’s Kentucky Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting. Presenters Charlie Howe and Erin Hathaway will be discussing how ecological baseline evaluations of a site can inform design decisions and create dynamic ecological systems. Don’t miss their presentation, Designing for Function and Resiliency: Using Science To Enhance Habitats And Influence Aesthetics, on Saturday March 8.


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Dr. Mark Laska Joins The Brian Britt Show

Great Ecology is excited to announce President and Founder, Dr. Mark Laska, will be featured on The Brian Britt Show today, January 16 at 11:30 PST. Dr. Laska joins the show’s esteemed list of guests which include some of the nation’s top-selling authors and business leaders.

Don’t miss this exciting interview as Dr. Laska shares Great Ecology’s success story over the past 13 years overcoming challenges and a turbulent economy. Stay tuned for the podcast coming soon!

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Erin Hathaway: New Urban Design Visiting Professor

Great Ecology is proud to announce Associate Designer, Erin Hathaway, will be a visiting professor at the University of Kentucky’s Department of Landscape Architecture. Erin is honored to accept the position starting this spring and will be teaching the fourth year studio focused on urban design drawing on her ecological design experience in New York City.

Erin shares her expertise integrating design and ecology in urban restoration projects in our weekly blogs.
Restoring the Ohio River With Lessons from the Hudson
The Coolest City…

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