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Great Ecology and Tellurium Partners

Great Ecology teams with Tellurium Partners to create an expert mitigation banking team

Tellurium Partners, a Public Benefit Corporation, is an investment and project development group that specializes in creating valuable ecological resources and habitat mitigation from degraded lands. By leveraging the experience and staff of Great Ecology, Tellurium Partners develops solutions for natural resource compliance issues commonly faced by those in real estate, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, contamination, and environmental litigation.

Doing Well By Doing Good

Tellurium Partners’ mission is to restore and conserve wetlands and natural habitats, and to provide public agencies and private parties a method for complying with governmental requirements for the disturbance of ecological resources while making money for our investors.

The Differentiating Factor?

The affiliation between Great Ecology and Tellurium Partners creates a powerful team with extensive experience in:

  • Raising and managing project capital
  • Developing successful and investable projects
  • Designing, developing and monitoring habitat restoration projects Including Mitigation and Habitat Banks and Conservation and Land Use projects

Our team is ready to meet your mitigation needs. Contact us today!