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Biological Assessments

Attaining balance through biodiversity

Biological Assessments


Great Ecology helps clients improve and enhance biological function through sustainable management strategies which recognize the complexities of ecosystems. Our staff is trained to gather data on a range of sensitive sites, including contaminated or protected lands.

We provide a wide array of biological surveying and analysis services including baseline biological studies, soil and water analysis, assessment of ecological function, species and ecosystem inventories, and threatened and endangered species support. We also provide injury assessment evaluations, studies and modeling.

Biological Assessment Services

  • Fish and Wildlife Impact Analysis (FWIA)
  • Baseline Ecological Evaluation (BEE)
  • Habitat evaluation and delineation
  • Ecological Assessment (EA)
  • Avian surveys and management
  • Wetland functional assessment
  • Rapid Biological Assessment (RBA)
  • Vegetation and biomass surveys
  • Vernal pool studies
  • Fish survey
  • Macroinvertebrate and benthic sampling
  • Invasive and nuisance species management
  • Threatened & Endangered (T&E) Species
  • Habitat Equivalency Analysis (HEA)
  • Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA)