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Coastal Resiliency Planning

Designing ecologically informed solutions for coastal communities

Great Ecology_Coastal Resiliency Planning
Great Ecology develops customized, cost-effective coastal resiliency strategies by integrating the science of quantitative models and robust ecological assessments with creative design sensibilities.

Driven by ecological restoration principles to create sustainable and resilient habitats, we apply a multi-faceted approach from conducting ecological assessments to designing productive and sustainable habitats to applying specific models to inform resiliency designs of at risk areas.

We create successful resiliency solutions and approach each new project site by:

  • Working closely with local stakeholders to incorporate site-specific knowledge and reflect the unique needs of the community
  • Understanding the delicate balance between built and natural environments
  • Drawing on lessons learned from our diverse experience
  • Developing useful planning tools for communities and local decision makers

Modeling SLR & Resiliency Solutions

Using a customized Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) model, we develop detailed, site-specific analyses of vulnerability to sea-level rise and storm surge. Each model is tailored to particular project sites and client needs enabling us to deliver the most effective coastal resiliency strategies. In addition to helping communities understand the cause and location of vulnerability, we create a series of individualized, cost-effective designs solutions that allow clients to maximize the allocation of limited resources and make informed decisions.

Coastal Resiliency Planning Services

  • Sea-level rise planning
  • Storm surge vulnerability assessment
  • Shoreline erosion/accretion evaluation
  • Sustainable shoreline management
  • Green infrastructure design
  • Intertidal & tidal habitat restoration
  • Public access assessment
  • Community engagement
  • GIS analysis

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