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Environmental Forensics

Cutting edge technology to trace toxins in the environment


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Great Ecology’s leading environmental forensic scientists use state of the art techniques to provide a scientific basis to quantify the magnitude, extent, and sources of contamination for litigation support and to develop site-specific remediation strategies.

Led by Environmental Forensic Scientist, Dr. Ioana Petrisor, Great Ecology provides expert analysis of complex contaminated sites including those impacted by oil spills, chlorinated solvents, nutrients, PAHs, metals, PCB’s, and emerging contaminants.

Great Ecology’s environmental forensic scientists analyze and define contamination for remedial purposes, establish baseline clean-up limits, evaluate contamination in the context of applicable regulations, and design site-specific remediation strategies.

Great Ecology’s team has direct experience providing pre-litigation evaluations for legal firms, environmental assessments for global clients, conducting fate and transport studies, preparing third-party reviews, and leading regulatory negotiations.

Using cutting edge techniques such as tree-ring fingerprinting and isotope analysis, we can determine the source(s), discharge timeline, and spatial distribution of contaminants for contamination events that occurred many decades ago, for sites involving multiple releases or multiple stakeholders, and for projects which have already undertaken mitigating or remedial actions.


  • Inform remedial design & site closure plans
  • Establish site-specific baseline values
  • Prevent future liability
  • Provide strategies for cost-recovery
  • Evaluate contaminant fate and transport
  • Provide defensible evidence and basis for Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA)
  • Provide litigation Support / expert witness testimony
  • Conduct third party review and confidential consulting
  • Provide regulatory negotiation and approval


  • Chemical Fingerprinting
  • Isotopic Fingerprinting
  • Tree-Ring Fingerprinting (Dendroecology)
  • Chiral Fingerprinting
  • Signature Chemicals
  • Atmospheric Tracers
  • Data Visualization / Modeling
  • Historical document review

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