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Aquatic Services

Identify, manage, and restore ecologically sensitive habitats


Great Ecology offers innovative approaches to ecological design and extensive experience coast to coast with a variety of marine and tidal wetland conditions.

The multi-disciplinary team at Great Ecology can provide a full range of marine and aquatic science services. Our expertise extends below the waterline to assess complex sediment quality and substrate conditions—and allows us to identify ecologically sensitive habitats, such as vernal pools and salt marshes. This allows us to manage, restore, and create habitat areas that are not hindered by the constraints of traditional design practices. Our services extend into tidal, estuarine, wetland, lacustrine, palustrine, riparian, and other aquatic areas to ensure maximum site value and function. Driven by a deep understanding of ecological relationships, hydrological conditions, and design principles, we craft sustainable solutions that: promote natural ecosystem services; meet regulatory requirements; preserve beneficial uses; provide environmental stewardship; and create memorable spaces that support abundant user experiences, especially around aquatic systems.

Marine and Aquatic Services

  • Sea Level Rise (SLR) planning
  • Sediment characterization
  • Aquatic habitat restoration
  • Contaminant fate and transport
  • ROV survey design and analysis
  • Reef and channel design
  • Litigation/expert testimony
  • Aquatic mitigation and maintenance monitoring
  • Design services for above and below the waterline
  • Intertidal and tidal habitat restoration and creation
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Seagrass monitoring

Marine and Aquatic Projects Include: