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Mitigation Banking

Consultants to the mitigation banking industry, corporate land owners, brownfield and real estate developers

Mitigation Banking

Great Ecology’s land management strategies help clients determine optimum site use plans that generate the maximum return on investment.

Consultants to and investors in the mitigation banking industry, corporate land owners, and brownfield & real estate developers

Mitigation banking describes a system of credits and debits that helps ensure that lost ecological function caused by development is compensated by the restoration, preservation, or creation of wetlands, streams, and habitat areas critical to special status species.

Mitigation Banking Services

  • Marketplace assessments and business planning approaches;
  • Financial modeling and pro forma development;
  • Environmental planning;
  • Permitting;
  • Site design;
  • Construction oversight;
  • Long term monitoring;
  • Site maintenance;
  • Site stewardship; and
  • Credit sales

Before developing a site into either a wetland habitat bank or an alternative/supplemental credit site (such as an NRD, water quality bank, or a species-driven project), we conduct careful due diligence to understand the client’s objectives and/or compliance needs, the marketplace, and the ecological fit and function of the land*. Based on this due diligence, we may create a habitat restoration plan, a business plan for the site or a fixed price plan. This also includes evaluating opportunities and constraints of project sites and regional anticipated mitigation credit needs that ultimately inform investment decisions for land owners, mitigation bankers, investors, and corporate landowners.

Great Ecology prides itself on building relationships with mitigation bankers and landowners to develop site reuse plans; with regulators to facilitate the permitting and approval process, and with entities in need of credits to develop streamlined solutions. In addition, Great Ecology works with Tellurium Partners, PBC, which is an investment and development group that specializes in creating valuable ecological resources and habitat mitigation from degraded lands.

Since 2001 Great Ecology staff have worked on dozens of mitigation banks in numerous states including New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Louisiana. With nationwide experience from conceptual planning to long-term management, Great Ecology’s team of experts can help you develop a customized and comprehensive strategy for your site or credit need today.

*We do this for landowners, such as corporate portfolios, individual site owners, or developers seeking ways to monetize their land holdings. We also do this for entities in need of compliance, creating a “fixed-price” or “turnkey” bank that removes risk and financial uncertainty for the entity. This is done for companies, governments, and others in need of mitigation.

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