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Platform Decommissioning

Bringing higher ecological value and sustainability to offshore projects

Great Ecology integrates ecological assessments with environmental planning and creative decommissioning design sensibilities to aid its clients in developing cost-effective and sustainable decommissioning strategies.

Great Ecology’s strategic approach offers our clients objective data collected both in the field and through desktop-based scientific research while maintaining a well-rounded understanding of the unique environmental, regulatory, and costs sensitivities frequently associated with offshore marine and coastal projects. Great Ecology’s particular expertise lies in supporting the environmental needs of decommissioning. We have undertaken environmental studies covering all aspects of decommissioning and Rigs to Reefs worldwide for a variety of oil and gas structures.

We create sustainable solutions and approach each new project site by:

  • Understanding domestic/international environmental permitting and regulatory compliance;
  • Working closely with local stakeholders/universities to incorporate site-specific knowledge;
  • Understanding the delicate balance between built and natural environments;
  • Drawing on lessons learned from our diverse experience; and
  • Developing useful planning tools for line-of-sight to obtain all necessary approvals and permits.

Platform Decommissioning Services

  • Rigs to Reefs planning and permitting;
  • Environmental assessments and impact statements;
  • Environmental impact and compliance monitoring;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Sustainable design;
  • GIS analysis;
  • Net Environmental Benefit Analysis; and
  • Data and literature reviews.

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