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Wetland Delineation & Permitting

Efficiently navigating complex environmental regulation

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Great Ecology has extensive permitting and environmental regulatory expertise. We guide clients through all regulatory compliance processes related to the management of ecologically sensitive sites, including wetland delineation, permitting, mitigation, and monitoring activities. Our team establishes a solid foundation for any project with permitting requirements through comprehensive site knowledge and regulatory coordination.

Great Ecology specializes in wetland delineation, constructed treatment wetlands, GIS mapping, and environmental permitting services. Great Ecology’s wetland scientists determine the location of State or Federal jurisdictional wetland boundaries using specific vegetation, soil, and hydrology criteria with sub-meter precision. This method is consistent with Federal wetlands delineation criteria and guidelines. Our wetland clients include private corporations, engineers, developers, utility companies and private land owners, and the scope of our services can be tailored to suit individual client needs. State and federal wetland permitting services are offered for projects that will impact wetlands or wetland buffers.

Great Ecology produces high quality GIS graphics using GPS data and publicly available information for inclusion in permit applications. Great Ecology’s staff is experienced in assessing project impacts and accurately understanding the complex regulatory pathways needed to move forward. Great Ecology’s environmental planners, environmental scientists and ecologists work cooperatively to provide consistent and successful compliance management that results in efficient project permitting.

Wetland Delineation & Permitting Services

  • State and Federal wetland permitting services
  • Clean Water Act Section 404/4-1 Compliance – site assessment, permitting, and mitigation
  • Federal Endangered Species Act – Section 7 Consultation, Section 10(a) permits
  • California Endangered Species Act – protocol surveys and permitting
  • California Department of Fish and Game – Streambed Alteration Agreements (Sections 1601/1603)
  • General Project Feasibility and Compliance Program Development
  • Brownfield remediation – site assessment, permitting, and mitigation
  • Regulatory negotiations