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Applying big ideas to ecological projects of all shapes and sizes

At Great Ecology we understand our client’s need for commercially practical, ecological solutions that satisfy stakeholders, regulators, and customers alike. We add dynamic ecological layers to projects involving natural resource features. Great Ecology is taking control of the environmental conversation by resolving ecological issues by design and not by arbitrary regulatory mandates. We create habitats and solutions that are viable, sustainable, and productive within ecological, social, and business contexts.


An integration of science with design

Our hybrid science and design approach is the driving force behind our company’s creativity and innovation. Our team of scientists and designers offer clients comprehensive solutions to their environmental problems.

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Supporting clients’ business development

Our clients are our partners. Together, we find ways to achieve our client’s business objectives while improving the natural environment. Our expert team solves complex ecological challenges, saving our clients time, money, and frustration.

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Restoring natural and urban environments

Great Ecology works to enhance,  preserve, and restore all kinds of habitats, in many different types of environments. We work in both urban/metropolitan areas and in natural landscapes to rejuvenate ecosystems for human and wildlife use.

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We’re renowned for our big ideas

We have generated ecological uplift for some of the biggest, and most high-profile projects in the industry. Our company has experience working on projects of all sizes, and with a diverse group of clients.

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