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Sabine River Constructed Wetland Design

Mitigating water pollution off the Gulf Coast

Project Details

Great Ecology conducted a feasibility study and led the ecological and wetland design for a 22-acre constructed treatment wetland system at a large industrial facility in Orange, TX. The Texas Commission for Environmental Quality required the facility to lower their copper and zinc discharge limit. Great Ecology designed a multi-stage treatment wetland system utilizing a variety of submerged and emergent plant species to treat copper and zinc in the water effluent which flows into the Cow Bayou and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. Great Ecology provided construction documents and permitting services leading up to construction. Unfortunately, this facility was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike and the treatment wetlands were not constructed.


Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration, Wetland Delineation & Permitting,


Bridgestone / Firestone USA




Bridgestone Polymers, Orange, Texas


22 Acres