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International Eco-Resort Planning

Ecologically-oriented masterplanning along Turkey's Aegean coast

Project Details

Great Ecology worked with Transsolar Engineers and Steven Holl Architects to design the Akbuk Peninsula Eco-Development—a residential and tourist resort on a largely undeveloped portion of Turkey’s Aegean coastline. Great Ecology’s design services focused on wetland habitat creation, stormwater management, and evaluating greywater treatment alternatives.  Wetlands at the site were designed to serve as oases for shore birds in an arid climate and forge connections with other regional ecosystems. The intent of the developer was to provide first-class residences and services while imposing zero environmental impact on the regional landscape. There was no existing infrastructure on the site for the provision of water or electricity therefore the project served as a challenging assignment in low-impact planning and ecological design.


Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration,


Akbuk Peninsula Eco-Development




Akbuk, Turkey


300+ Acres