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Hillside Lake Restoration

Improving water quality by restoring a degraded wetland

Project Details

Great Ecology developed two design schemes and a set of restoration strategies for a 26-acre lake in upstate New York.  Residents were unhappy with the poor water quality of Hillside Lake, and dissatisfied with the basic dredging plan proposed by project engineers.  After conducting a site analysis, Great Ecology recommended partially dredging the shallow lake and constructing wetland buffers on the shoreline to address sedimentation and eutrophication. The lake restoration design schemes also proposed public open space features, emergent wetlands, wet meadows, upland habitats, boardwalk access and deeper open water. Great Ecology presented these schemes and additional guidelines ranging from stormwater treatment to septic system upgrades in an illustrated report delivered to the Township.


Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,


Town of East Fishkill, New York




New York


26 Acres