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Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park Wetland Design & Permit Evaluation

Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Wetland Design & Permit Evaluation

Project Details

Great Ecology is the ecological consultant on the Arup and Thomas Balsley team for Phase II of the Hunter’s Point South Infrastructure and Waterfront Park Project. Commissioned by the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the project is part of the masterplan to revitalize the 37.5-acre former industrial site along the East River. The site is currently partially developed as a waterfront park and mixed-use commercial area.

In support of Phase II, Great Ecology designed the ~1 acre tidal wetland mitigation and habitat creation as well as provided extensive permitting support, including a Wetlands Functional Analysis. Great Ecology staff conducted an Evaluation of Planned Wetlands (EPW) to quantify the wetland functional capacity of the pre-existing wetlands onsite. The EPW informed design modifications to enhance ecological function and uplift of the proposed wetlands, resulting in a reduced amount of compensatory acreage required by the USACE. Another key component of our design recommendations included adjustments for sea level rise to ensure long-term success. The complex project requires extensive coordination between stakeholders and city, state, and federal agencies including the NYC Department of Transportation, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Phase II opened in Summer 2018.


Coastal Resiliency Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Wetland Delineation & Permitting,


NYC Economic Development Corporation


2014 - 2016


Queens, NY