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Sheldrake River Restoration

Ecological planning, design, and habitat restoration

Project Details

Great Ecology was hired by Westchester County Department of Planning to design the restoration of the degraded stream banks of the Sheldrake River as it passes through Bonnie Briar Golf Course. The existing stream banks were steep and planted with turf, which allowed fertilizer and pesticides to enter the stream. In response, Great Ecology restored floodplain hydrology and planted the new riparian zones with a variety of native plants, restoring valuable habitat for wildlife. Great Ecology installed in-stream rock structures to enhance oxygenation in the streambed. Today the Sheldrake is a thriving environment with improved water quality that is used by wildlife and appreciated by golfers for its high aesthetic value.

For more information on this project, please visit Westchester County’s official website.



Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,


Westchester County, New York




Bonnie Briar Golf Course, Westchester, New York