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Solar Facility Permitting Plan in California

Project Details

Great Ecology was engaged to prepare a permitting plan for a proposed solar photovoltaic site on 139 acres of land in San Diego, California. The intent of the permitting plan is to provide the detailed steps and potential cost estimates to receive all the necessary land use and environmental permits required to entitle the land for a solar development.

Great Ecology prepared a preliminary initial study of the subject areas covered under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to identify opportunities and constraints for the project design and engineering process. Using this information, Great Ecology and the client consulted with the CEQA lead agency and land use permitting authority to identify the pathway to line of sight for the project. Great Ecology’s permitting plan described the technical reports and other regulatory permits that are required to support a County-driven CEQA analysis for the site in line with the County’s Guidelines for Determining Significance and Report Format and Content Requirements. Additionally, to garner support and streamline the permitting process, Great Ecology included a stakeholder engagement strategy as a component of the permitting plan.