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Sonoran Desert Ecological Planning

Biological assessments in Arizona

biological assessment in sonoran desert

Project Details

Great Ecology performed a series of biological assessments of large expanses of desert habitat in several properties planned for residential development in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.  Data collection activities included desert wash corridor vegetation surveys and flora and fauna censuses. Great Ecology also conducted specific surveys to identify the protected burrowing owl (Speotyto cunicularia) and its habitat, and evaluated soil maps, hydrological features and vegetation maps to determine if specific sites were capable of supporting the rare species. If owls and burrows were encountered onsite, Great Ecology implemented a follow-up survey and program to identify and relocate them. Great Ecology also conducted 2011 post-construction surveys.


Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning,


Vanderbilt Farms, LLC, DLR Group




Phoenix, Arizona