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Emily Callahan Honored at Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards


Great Ecology is pleased to announce that Emily Callahan, one of our ecologists, will be recognized at the Tribeca Film Festival during the 7th annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. The event takes place tomorrow, April 22, at 11:00am. According to the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards website, “The goal of the awards is to share insights into innovation to help solve some of the world’s most intractable problems.”

Emily will be honored alongside Amber Jackson, her co-founder of Blue Latitudes, an organization whose mission is to “unite science, policy, and economics to create innovative solutions for the complex ecological challenges associated with offshore structures.” In short, the work they do involves turning oil rigs into reefs. Rigs-to-Reefs allows an oil company to choose to modify a platform so that it can continue to support marine life as an artificial reef, which has been shown to increase biomass and attract additional marine species to the site.

Artificial reefs created from decommissioned oil rigs have the potential to facilitate artificial biodiversity, which can help mitigate marine ecosystem losses due to manmade stressors, including: pollution, overfishing, mining, coastal development, and climate change. This mitigation work to support of marine ecosystems may be especially important as human activities continue to impact marine ecosystems.

Mitigation and Ecological Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


The project team with the Mayor of Woodbridge Township

On October 28, Great Ecology along with the client EPEC Polymers Inc., the Mayor of Woodbridge Township and remedial engineers Brown and Caldwell cut the ribbon to the Great Ecology-designed 100 acre mitigation and ecological park in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The event was a momentous day for the advancement of remediation and wetland mitigation in New Jersey and a milestone in the restoration of public access to the Raritan riverfront. The site was inaugurated the Woodbridge Waterfront Park and will officially open to the public at end of construction in 2015.

Graphic exhibits designed by Great Ecology showing the project's progression

Guests of the event hiked the woodland trail to an overlook with views to the Raritan River. Speeches were given by the Mayor, EPEC Polymers, Inc., Great Ecology’s Dr. Mark S. Laska, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the Woodbridge Town Planner, and Brown and Caldwell. Great Ecology designed and presented a trail guide and graphic exhibits highlighting the public access master plan and ecological uplift anticipated by the mitigation.

Great Ecology's Jennifer Cooper, Michael Parkes, and Rachel Gruzen (left to right)