Our Award-Winning Projects Transform Landscapes.

A man in boots measures stream depth

Environmental Planning & Permitting

Our Environmental Planning & Permitting work supports our clients in developing forward-looking, innovative, and cost-effective projects in regulatory compliance.

Environmental planning and permitting go hand-in-hand. Our in-house team of professionals is known for focus, passion, and creative solutions using ecology and design.

By choosing Great Ecology to support planning and permitting work, our clients are choosing a firm that integrates the latest science and design, saving time and money, and putting innovation and experience at the forefront.

Natural Resource Assessment & Management

Our years of experience with Natural Resource Assessment & Management translates to more effective and efficient data collection; smart and robust analyses; and cost effective, strategic solutions.

Great Ecology excels at litigation support for Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA) for potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and state trustees. We offer land management solutions and ecological and biological studies in all types of habitats and focused on most species.

Great Ecology offers tangible solutions to real-world problems that result in damages to natural systems. Additionally, we have experience working with mitigation banks, land trusts, and conservation land managers.

Cate Collinson Collects Data
A rocky, newly restored stream on a fall day

Ecological Design & Restoration

High-functioning landscapes offer resiliency and compliance through design

Great Ecology provides a full suite of landscape design services from strategy, planning and concept, to construction drawings, and follow up monitoring. Our award-winning habitat designs include a variety of different solutions, ranging from revegetation to green infrastructure, in all types of habitats – uplands, deserts, forests, streams wetlands, and tidal systems. These designs, inspired by the natural systems in which they exist, provide restoration and reclamation of ecological systems.

Our clients’ motivators may include: a desire for more resilient landscapes and communities; natural disaster recovery; restoring altered landscapes; contamination and legacy impacts; regulatory compliance; improved water quality; creating greater community engagement with ecosystems; amplifying stewardship; and more..