Environmental Planning & Permitting

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Environmental Planning & Permitting

At Great Ecology, we guide projects from early planning and strategy phases through project implementation, construction, and monitoring. By understanding and identifying potential constraints and project opportunities early in the project process, we can develop permitting strategies, project alternatives, and mitigation approaches that lead to successful projects.

Our approach for completing environmental compliance is tailored to each project’s needs and requirements, due to the complexities of our natural systems and the specific regulations of local, state, and federal agencies. Our team of ecologists and designers work with project partners, regulators, and stakeholders to understand project-specific environmental compliance needs and identify ecologically sensitive solutions to meet your project timelines and objectives.

Below are a few of the many environmental planning and permitting services Great Ecology performs:

  • Technical Studies:
    • Wetland Delineation
    • Natural resource assessment
    • Species and habitat surveys
  • Environmental Compliance
    • Federal and state wetland permits including CWA Section 404 Permitting, State 401 Certification, and other state regulations
    • State, regional, and local environmental permits for mitigation compliance
  • Environmental Planning Services
  • Solar/Wind/Renewable Energy Land Use Planning

Technical Studies

Great Ecology understands that technical studies play a key role in environmental planning and permitting processes by identifying project opportunities and regulatory considerations and constraints. Our team is experienced in providing the following technical services – wetland delineation, natural resource assessments, species and habitat surveys, biological assessments, and natural resource inventories. The outcome of these studies will assist with identifying opportunities for restoration, conservation, onsite mitigation, and impact minimization and can also inform whether regulations protecting certain species, such as migratory birds may limit project work to certain times of the year.

Featured Project:

Trail Creek Wetland Mitigation


Hunter's Point Post Restoration

Environmental Compliance

Great Ecology has extensive permitting and environmental regulatory expertise. We guide clients through all regulatory compliance processes related to the management of ecologically sensitive sites, including wetland delineation, permitting, mitigation, and monitoring activities. Our team establishes a solid foundation for any project with permitting requirements through comprehensive site knowledge and regulatory coordination.

Our experts have worked to achieve regulatory successes at the municipal, state, and federal levels, including guiding the regulatory process throughout multiple stakeholder groups to achieve local buy-in while satisfying compliance standards.

Featured Project:

Hunter's Point South

Renewable Energy Land Use Planning

Great Ecology works with land owners to plan and develop renewable energy sites, including for solar and wind farms. Great Ecology is able to support site investigation and evaluation, permitting, due diligence, and overall site planning, including any developing a strategy to mitigate planned impacts. Great Ecology's knowledge of, and relationship with, local, state, and federal regulations around the United States allows us to streamline the renewable energy land use planning process, which saves our clients time and money.

Featured Project:

Clean Power Solar Permitting Plan

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