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Ecological Design & Restoration

We develop and implement restoration plans for a diverse range of habitats, while helping our clients maximize the beneficial use of their land by reducing management and maintenance costs through strategic ecological designs.

Our experience includes projects ranging in size from less than one acre to more than 4,000 acres, as well as projects that take a watershed-level view of ecological function.


Ecological Design & Visualization

Key Services:

• Parks, Trails, & Open Space
• Native Plant Palettes & Seed Mixes
• Stream Bank Stabilization
• Floodplain Reconnection
• Landscape Architecture
• Artistic Renderings

Great Ecology provides innovative ecological design and visualization services. We create high-functioning, low-maintenance spaces that integrate into the surrounding environment and benefit the local community. This includes developing native plant palettes and seed mixes, stream bank stabilization, flood plain reconnection, slope stabilization, water quality treatment, and more.
We also offer conceptual restoration design and landscape architecture services that aid in project planning, visualization, and community engagement.


Habitat Restoration

Key Services:

• Tidal & Freshwater Wetlands
• Rivers, Streams, & Riparian Zones
• Lakes & Ponds
• Upland Forests & Grasslands
• Coastlines & Reefs
• Vernal Pools
• Brownfield to Greenfield

Great Ecology’s interdisciplinary team brings decades of experience designing and implementing successful restoration projects across the US. Our deep understanding of the ecological approach sets us apart and enables us to develop restoration plans founded in, and backed by, ecological and biological sciences. We offer site-specific habitat restoration solutions including for “microenvironments” where conditions are significantly different even within the same habitat type.


Green Infrastructure

Key Services:

• Constructed Treatment Wetlands
• Living Shorelines
• Green Roofing
• Vegetated Swales
• Stormwater Management
• Low Impact Development

We view green infrastructure as an approach to water management that preserves, restores, improves the integrity of, reduces impact on, or mimics the water cycle and an area’s water resources. Our green infrastructure projects incorporate both the natural environment and engineered products to conserve ecosystem services and functions, enhance community safety, reduce nutrient loading on local waterways, restore sinuosity to streams and rivers while reconnecting them to their floodplains, and improve habitat.

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