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Environmental Planning & Permitting

Great Ecology guides projects through all stages from planning to post-construction monitoring. Our experts can identify potential constraints and opportunities early in the planning process and develop improved permitting strategies and mitigation approaches that lead to successful project implementation.

We understand the complexities of our natural systems and the specific regulations of local, state, and federal agencies.


Permitting & Compliance

Key Services:

• EIR, EIS, & Major Regulatory Documentation
• Mitigation Plans & Feasibility Studies
• Other Federal, State, & Local Permits
• Biotic & Abiotic Assessments
• Species & Habitat Surveys
• Natural Resource Inventories
• Water Quality Assessments
• Wetland Delineations


Great Ecology conducts technical studies that are key in environmental planning and permitting processes. We identify project opportunities and develop ecological solutions for regulatory considerations and constraints.
Additionally, we use our decades of experience and strong connection with regulators to guide clients through all regulatory compliance processes related to the management of ecologically sensitive sites.


Land & Coastal Use Planning

Key Services:

• Master Planning
• Mitigation Banking
• Natural Resource Management Planning
• Resiliency Planning
• Renewable Energy Planning
• Visual Impact Analysis
• Conceptual Restoration Design

Great Ecology is skilled at developing site-specific, watershed-level, and regional land use planning for a variety of habitats, ranging from upland forested to coastal areas—and everything in between.
We also develop planning and strategy documents, perform due diligence, model alternatives, and offer long-term, sustainable solutions for relatively stable and highly dynamic landscapes alike.


Construction Administration

Key Services:

• Construction Drawings
• Construction Scheduling
• Team Coordination
• Value Engineering Support
• Post Construction Monitoring
• Adaptive Management

Our experienced technical staff produce and review construction drawings, participate in value engineering, and coordinate construction scheduling. We provide thorough construction oversight for ecological components of project implementation and ensure ecological success of projects through extensive post-construction monitoring and adaptive management planning.

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