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Natural Resource Assessment & Management

Natural resources are ecological assets that can be damaged, restored, or permanently protected. Great Ecology works with our clients to develop site-specific, ecologically-focused resource management plans and restoration strategies that promote proper ecosystem function.

We also help our clients understand the current conditions of their site(s) and their ecological and financial opportunities.


Ecological Surveys & Assessments

Key Services:

• Ecological Site Assessments
• Ecological Asset Valuation
• Biological Assessments

Ecological surveys and assessments can offer insight into the current health of a project site. We perform assessments at most of our project sites to better understand site-specific conditions, including the presence or absence of native species, non-native species, and noxious species; soil conditions; current site use; presence of threatened or endangered species; and more.
Great Ecology also performs ecological asset valuation, an accounting-based approach to understanding ecosystem services.


Ecological Modeling & Evaluation

Key Services:

• Habitat Suitability Modeling
• Watershed Analysis & Modeling
• Landscape Typology
• Contamination Mapping
• Remote Sensing Data Collection

We use ecological modeling and evaluation to help our clients better understand their project site(s) or lands they manage. Ecological modeling and evaluation can help improve management strategies to reduce costs, understand contamination pathways, show watershed extent and impacts of changes, and highlight potential habitat restoration opportunities.


Monitoring & Adaptive Management

Key Services:

• Monitoring Plans
• Post Construction Monitoring
• Adaptive Management Plans
• Monitoring Devices

Great Ecology works with clients to develop monitoring plans for new, restored, and actively utilized sites to meet client goals as well as for regulatory compliance, when needed. This ongoing care can help achieve successful restoration and reduce costs over the long run.
Adaptive management planning supports the monitoring process, allowing areas that are under performing to receive specific care to support overall site success.

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