Our People

Senior Management

man in a black jacket and blue hat sitting on a boat
Mark S. Laska, PhD

Founder & President

Mark's Favorite Ecosystem
New World Tropical Rainforests

woman wearing black jacket and black beaning smiling
Jessa Spainhower

Vice President of Operations

Jessa's (Former) Hobby
Improv Comedy

Photo of man in black jacket, grey pants, and hat standing on top of a mountain
Joshua D. Eldridge, MS

Mountain Regional Director

Joshua's Catch Phrase
Good work leads to more work

Jill McGrady bio photo 2
Jill McGrady, PhD

Western Regional Director

Jill's Superpower
Green Thumb

Technical Staff

man in a blue shirt, grey hat, and sunglasses holding a fish
Justin Apfel

Associate Ecologist

Justin's Favorite Outdoor Activity

Jonathan Appelbaum bio photo
Jonathan Appelbaum, MESM

Senior Ecologist

Jonathan's Favorite Weekend Activity
Volunteering with Environmental Non-Profits
Meghan Bowen bio photo
Meghan Bowen, MESM

Associate Ecologist

Meghan's Secret Skill
Weaving with her loom

Woman in blue jacket with blue headband holding flower and smiling
Cate Collinson, P Biol

Associate Ecologist

Cate's Favorite National Park
Banff National Park

Woman in blue t-shirt and work gloves at campsite
Ellie Garza, PLA

Associate Landscape Architect

Ellie's Favorite Place to Camp
Roosevelt National Forest

Graham Bio Photo
Graham Glass


Graham's Favorite Hike
Cirque of the Towers to Fremont Trail Loop - Wyoming
Man on one knee with outstretched arms wearing a blue polo shirt and grey shorts
Justin Heyerdahl, MESM

Associate Ecologist

Justin's Favorite Hobby
Growing Exotic Blue Hibiscus

man in black jacket and black beanie holding a fish and fishing pole
David Yozzo, PhD

Senior Ecologist

David's Favorite Ecosystem
Tidal Freshwater Marshes


Bio photo
Alejandro BaladrĂ³n, MAS

Senior Ecologist & Hydrologist

Alejandro's Favorite Travel Destination
Upper Valley of Lozoya - Spain
Rex Bergamini, PhD
Rex Bergamini, PhD

Senior Biologist

Rex's Favorite National Park
Islas del Golfo de California Biosphere Reserve
Nick Buhbe bio photo
Nick Buhbe, MS

Senior Ecologist

Nick's Favorite Activity
Anything with saltwater, except surfing!
Rocky Chase bio photo
Rocky Chase

Senior Ecologist

Rocky's Favorite Outdoor Activity
Riding ATVs to Job Sites

Evan Gerber bio photo
Evan Gerber

Real Estate Professional

Evan's Ecological Affiliation
US Green Building Council
Morgan bio photo
Morgan Halane


Morgan's Favorite Outdoor Activity
Visiting National Parks
Sarah Hardy bio photo
Sarah Hardy


Sarah's Favorite Place to Hike
Ecuadorian Andes
woman in an oragne jacket and tan hat smiling
Emily Hazelwood, MAS


Emily's Favorite Ecosystem
California Kelp Forest

Mitch bio photo
Mitch Jenkins, MS

Senior Ecologist

Mitch's Favorite Place to Hike
Idaho Backcountry
Robert Kurkjian bio photo
Robert Kurkjian, PhD

Senior Environmental Scientist

Robert's Secret Skill
Publishing Travel Guides
woman in blue jacket and blue beanie wearing a backpack hiking in the snow
Beyhan T. Maybach, PhD

Senior Ecologist

Beyhan's Favorite Ecosystem
Tropical & Temperate Rainforest
Bio Photo 2
Phil Rosenberg, PG


Phil's Favorite Hobby
Sport Fishing

woman in scuba gear under water next to coral
Amber Sparks, MAS


Amber's Favorite Place to Dive
Underneath Oil Rigs
Alison Tompkins bio photo
Alison Tompkins, PLA

Associate Landscape Architect

Alison's Favorite Outdoor Activities
Trail Riding Horses & Dirtbikes

Operations Staff

Woman in blue shirt with backpack and smiling
Liz Clift, MFA

Copy Editor

Liz's Favorite Hike
Chain Lakes Trail

woman wearing grey jacket and blue backpack smiling
Lilia Gavrilenko, MS


Lilia's Favorite Travel Destination
Europe, especially Russia

Davis Ladd bio photo 2
Davis Ladd

Marketing & Sales Manager

Davis' Favorite Travel Destination
Northern Arizona

Woman rock climbing in jungle
Ariella Shamir

Marketing Intern

Ariella's Favorite Hike
Olomana Trail - Oahu