Julie Gifford

More About Julie

Julie is an ecologist based in New York supporting various projects in the region with particular emphasis on wetland ecology. She specializes in freshwater ecology, habitat restoration, and has particular interest in carbon sequestration and dendroclimatology. She recently received training in tree core sampling through PIRE Academy to study the impacts climate change is having on hard and softwood forest growth here in the northeast. Julie holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in freshwater ecology from Purchase College (SUNY).

Julie's Certifications & Licenses

• Trained in Army Corps of Engineer Wetlands Delineation Methodology
• Trained in Environmental Impact Assessment Phase I & II
• Certified in ESRI ArcGIS online
• Certified in Identification of Winter Wetland Plants (Rutgers University)
• Certified in US Boat safety

Industry Associations

• Wetlands Professional in Training through Society of Wetlands Scientists
Phone: 858.750.3201