Thea Lemberger, MS

More About Thea:

Thea is an ecologist with over four years of experience in habitat restoration and conservation, forest management, and environmental studies. She previously worked with The Hawaii Agricultural Research Center and the State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife on different projects studying the relationship between invasive plants and fungi’s effect on larger ecosystems. Thea has also worked on improving the population survival of Acacia koa, a predominant forest tree species in the Hawaiian Islands, as well as supporting Hawaii’s Natural Area Reserve System. In previous roles, Thea has worked at the intersection of the natural environment and business—forging connections between the corporate and conservation fields. Her training in environmental philosophy is serviceable to understanding the ethical implications of natural resource management decisions. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and a Bachelor’s in Communications from UCLA.
As a former professional basketball player for the Federal International Basketball Association (FIBA), Thea combines her athletic background with her passion for the arts and humanities, and expertise in science communication to form creative and unique environmental solutions.

Thea's Certifications & Memberships

• Chainsaw and First AID certified from the State of Hawaii: Oahu, HI (2020-2021)
• Open Water Diving certified from PADI: Thailand (July 2014)
• A-110 Aviation Transportation of Hazardous Materials (2021)
• San Diego Environmental Professionals

Office: San Diego, CA
Phone: 858.750.3201