Zabe Premo, M.S.

More About Zabe

Zabe has over 10 years of professional experience working as a Department of Defense contractor on projects across the United States, ranging from CERCLA site remediation, NEPA analysis, ARNG EPAS audits, ISO 14001 eMS conformance, wetland delineations and environmental baseline surveys. She also has extensive research experience that includes an urban forestry study in Venice, Italy, a survey of the hydrochemistry of water-filled sinkholes in southeastern New Mexico, cetacean population studies in New England and California, fisheries research in the Gulf of Mexico, and a study of how drought conditions affect plant community structure in southern California. Zabe has planned and executed numerous field sampling campaigns, often in remote settings (e.g., soil and groundwater sampling, autonomous sensor deployment and limnological sampling, off-shore fish and invertebrate collection), and works closely with state, local and Federal regulators to accomplish permitting and compliance objectives. With a MSc in Geochemistry and a BSc in Technical Writing, Zabe brings a unique combination of technical training and communication skills.
Office: San Diego, CA
Phone: 858.750.3201