The Great Ecology Ecosystem

While providing our clients with premier ecological consulting services, Great Ecology has taken the opportunity to expand our expertise to three additional companies. Eco Endowment Solutions, Tellurium Partners, and Gold Coast Conservancy fit strategically into the Great Ecology Ecosystem helping make us a leader in ecological consulting.

Strategic Partnerships

Great Ecology maintains a number of strategic partnerships across the environmental industry. For nearly 20 years we have led and supported hundreds of project teams in the US and internationally, developing long lasting relationships and producing award winning work. Our experience leading and working alongside diverse industry leaders ensures our clients have the right project team from the start.


Great Ecology & Ensero Solutions

Ensero Solutions, formerly Alexco Environmental Group (AEG) and Contango Strategies, is an innovative environmental consulting company with offices in Colorado and Canada. The strategic partnership between Great Ecology and Ensero provides our clients with industry leading, strategic, and innovative passive water treatment solutions related to the mining and industrial sectors across North America. To date, our joint work includes mine projects in CaƱon City, CO and Jefferson County, CO, with future projects planned in California and Canada.


Great Ecology & Project Navigator

Project Navigator, LTD., is an environmental project management and consulting firm that excels at controlling the strategic direction of demanding environmental projects.