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An integrated science and design firm

Great Ecology Science & Design

Great Ecology is a national ecological consulting group, with offices in New York City, Baton Rouge, Denver, Soda Springs, and San Diego. Great Ecology is comprised of a team of environmental scientists, ecologists, landscape architects and designers, working together to transform landscapes. Our interdisciplinary team of ecologically-focused experts create comprehensive solutions that are both technically intuitive and aesthetically integrated into our client’s vision.

Our Mission

Great Ecology’s mission is to bring higher ecological thinking to leading corporations and governments throughout the world.

Our Vision

We envision a world with expanded ecological horizons in which social, business, and environmental needs can all be successfully met. To accomplish this, Great Ecology believes all environmental projects—large or small—should incorporate higher ecological thought from the planning process through design and ongoing maintenance. This will help create positive outcomes for future generations.

How We Support Our Mission

Great Ecology works with leading corporations and governments to develop programmatic or site-specific ecological solutions. In addition, our employees hold leadership positions in diverse organizations in their respective fields.

Our Values

We support our vision and mission by living the following core values:

  • Providing top quality and excellence in all our products;
  • Innovating in science and design;
  • Encouraging individual initiative, creativity, and ability;
  • Repairing the world through ecology; and
  • Promoting passion, hard work, and entrepreneurship.

Our History

Great Ecology was founded in New York City on September 10, 2001, by Dr. Mark S. Laska with the goal of combining ecological solutions with landscape design and offering a new approach to the environmental consulting marketplace. Since 2001, Great Ecology has grown to an interdisciplinary team, with core regional offices in New York City, Denver, and San Diego.

About Our Logo

Our logo is a Carex composite. Carex are sedges, a common wetland plant with over 2,000 species.  The brown and green colors represent the interplay between soils and vegetation to create sustainable ecosystems.