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An integrated science and design firm

Great Ecology Science & Design

Great Ecology is a national ecological consulting group, based in New York City, Denver, Soda Springs, and San Diego. Great Ecology is comprised of a team of environmental scientists, ecologists, landscape architects and designers, working together to transform landscapes. Our interdisciplinary team of ecologically-focused experts create comprehensive solutions that are both technically intuitive and aesthetically integrated into our client’s vision.

Since 2001, Great Ecology’s mission has been to provide our clients with premium ecological consulting services, through sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective, solutions to environmental problems. Great Ecology excels in the fields of biology, ecology, hydrology, sustainable design, landscape architecture, construction oversight, and environmental permitting. We work for design professionals, government entities, and industrial corporations; helping our clients to make creative and sound decisions when facing ecological issues.

Our services include site planning, habitat restoration, ecological design, regulatory compliance, green design, ecological permitting, mitigation design, biological studies, and environmental finance solutions. ¬†Great Ecology seamlessly navigates various interconnected areas such as policy, finance, environmental science, and design to devise expert solutions and facilitate cost-effective, sustainable outcomes.¬†From the rigors of science to the aesthetics of design-we ensure that our clients’ actions work today, tomorrow, and far into the future.