It's In Our Nature

Great Ecology is a national ecological consulting firm with offices in San Diego, Denver, and New York City. We specialize in the design, restoration, reclamation, enhancement, and study of rivers, streams, wetlands, upland, marine, and multi-use environments. Great Ecology has completed over 800 projects in the United States and internationally, from concept and planning through implementation, permitting, construction, and monitoring.
With every project, our priority is to deliver sustainable, market driven solutions that lead to more resilient, healthier, and regulatory compliant environments for greater business and social benefit.

Our Values

A person wearing a safety vest performing a sediment core on a creekbank


Repairing the world through ecology and promoting sustainable practices.


Providing top quality and excellence in all our products.
rendering showing a wooden platform over a wetland with people enjoying the view

Innovation & Integration

Innovating and integrating science with design to create more resilient, healthier environments with greater business and social benefit.

Personal Growth

Encouraging individual initiative, creativity, and ability while promoting passion, hard work, and entrepreneurship.

Our Logo

The Great Ecology logo is a Carex composite. Carex are sedges, a common wetland plant with over 2,000 species. The brown and green colors represent the interplay between soils and vegetation to create sustainable ecosystems.