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July 26, 2012
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August 2, 2012
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Great Ecology is pleased to share the New York Times article detailing the constructed subtidal habitat featuring a created mussel bed as part of the new East River Waterfront Esplanade Eco-Park in New York City. The project by the New York City Economic Development Corporation will convert a portion of Pier 25 into an eco-park to restore intertidal and subtidal habitats. Great Ecology joined the SHoP Architects and Ken Smith Landscape Design team as the ecological consultant providing scientific and design support for the habitat restoration. Great Ecology conceptualized the intertidal habitat slab to encourage the growth of mussels and other subtidal organisms to restore the natural intertidal habitat. The East River Eco-Park serves as a pilot project for sustainable waterfront development in New York and will open to the public next year.

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