The Best of 2014 Blog Series – Part II
December 12, 2014
The Best of 2014 Blog Series – Part IV
December 30, 2014
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The Best of 2014 Blog series is back with three more of our favorites from the year. Help us decide this year’s winner after part IV is released.

carbon credits forest

The Willits Woods Project, a forest conservation initiative in Northern California, could generate up to the equivalent of $3.6 M in carbon offset credits.


Carbon Offset Credits: Tradeable Market Goods 
Marlene Tyner, M.E.S.M.

What are carbon offset credits and why are they so important? Carbon offset credits are a sustainable commodity for modern entrepreneurs, non-profits, corporations, and private land owners looking to make a living out of environmental conservation.




Colorado River

The majestic Colorado River as it flows through the Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Staudt.

A River Runs Through it, Again
George Patten

For the first time in decades the Colorado river found its way towards the Gulf thanks to a bi-national agreement between the U.S. and Mexico. Just one pulse of the river could help to jump start riparian ecosystem recovery in the region.



A male Greater Sage-grouse. Photo courtesy of Bill Schiess.

A male Greater Sage-grouse. Photo courtesy of Bill Schiess.

Steppe it up –  Solving the Greater Sage-Grouse Controversy
Ashley Tuggle, M.E.M.

The debate over the greater Sage Grouse listing is heating up – With a range stretching across approximately 165 million acres in 11 states, the economic impact of a potential ESA listing for the sage-grouse is staggering.