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People who know me well know that I listen to a lot of podcasts. It helps pass the time while I’m commuting by bike or walking my dog or going on lengthy summer rides. Every so often, some strike me as especially appropriate for the community of restoration specialists, conservationists, biologists, ecologists, regulators, educators, and others we know read our blog. Here are seven episodes that we think our readers might especially enjoy:

As a note: The Story Collider is a podcast specifically about how “science changes people’s lives.” This podcast isn’t explicitly nature-focused, but the fact I’ve been listening for years, and the specific science focus definitely skewed the results here.

From Wikimedia Commons

Image from Wikimedia Commons

The Story Collider’s “The Sea Urchin Massacre” as told by Adam Foote, talks about the difficulties obtaining sea urchins for research while in a landlocked city, in the middle of a polar vortex. Time: 22:12

EO Wilson, Image from Wikipedia

EO Wilson, image from Wikipedia

The Story Collider’s “A Taste of Nature” as told by Deborah Blum, tells a story about a dinner party when she was seven years old, when she asked a question that led to E.O. Wilson investigating a toxic exposure. Time: 14:22


P-22, image from NPS


The Story Collider’s “The Mountain Lion Book” as told by Darcy Burke, who talks about how a single book about mountain lions, given to her a child, influenced her career as a science writer. Time: 13.25

Pigeon, Image from Wikimedia Commons

Pigeon, image from Wikimedia Commons

Surprisingly Awesome’s “Pigeons,” which investigates the relationship between pigeons and humans (and how much we used to love them). Time: 34:26

Acacia tree, Image from Wikimedia Commons

Acacia Tree, image from Wikimedia Commons

The Moth’s “The Call of the Wild,” a story told by Bokara Legendre, who talks about growing up on safaris and how she learned about alternatives to safaris that ended with filming animals instead of hunting them. Time: 16:30

Tiger Shark, image from Wikimedia Commons

Tiger Shark, image from Wikimedia Commons

Good Job Brain, a trivia podcast, has an episode called “The Great Outdoors” which examines what you should do when a shark is circling you, how to survive an attack of killer bees, and the life of the deer tick (among other things). Time: 57:35

White-spotted jellyfish, image from Wikipedia

White-spotted jellyfish, image from Wikipedia

Stuff You Should Know has an episode about sea jellies, which asks: “Jellyfish: Even Cooler than Octopi?” Time: 54:24

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