Four women in scuba gear, at the surface of the water smiling and laughing
Emily Callahan & Amber Jackson Named to Forbes 30 Under 30
November 20, 2017
Various native grasses, in a park scape, with a neighborhood in the midground and the Rocky Mountains in the background
Stapleton Open Spaces Win 2017 ASLA Colorado Merit Award
December 18, 2017
Great Ecology is pleased to announce that our Western Regional Director, Laurel Glass Lees, who serves as Vice President of Membership for the San Diego Chapter of the California Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) was recently voted into a Director-at-Large position with the AEP State Board. This two-year term, which begins in January, offers Laurel additional leadership opportunities to provide direction, guidance, and overall coordination of the organization statewide. As part of this role, Laurel will act as the Board representative for each member not represented by one of the nine chapters throughout California. In conjunction with the other Directors-at-Large, she will maintain the annual California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) workshops and provide input to committees that establish and implement programs for creating new membership services or recruiting. Laurel will also participate in Board meetings, the annual AEP Institute, the annual AEP Summit, and other statewide events that seek to enhance, maintain, and protect the quality of the natural and human environment.