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If a Tree Falls in a Forest, and No One Knows What to Call It, Does It Exist at All?
January 3, 2019
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March 1, 2019

Great Ecology is pleased to announce that Hunter’s Point South, Phase II has been named the Best Urban Landscape project for 2019 by the Municipal Arts Society. We are so pleased with the work our team has put into this effort.

Members of the Great Ecology team designed the approximately one acre tidal wetland mitigation and habitat creation and provided extensive permitting support. This included a Wetlands Functional Analysis and an Evaluation of Planned Wetlands. Great Ecology’s design accounted for predicted sea-level rise to ensure long-term project success.

A rocky point overlooking the skyline of NYC with some trees and grasses

Hunter's Point South Prior to Construction of Wetland

Before: Hunter's Point South

Installation of wetland plants at Hunter's Point Southphoto of a wetland along a river with a large city in the background