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August 6, 2019
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A Primer on Changes to the Endangered Species Act
August 29, 2019

This summer, Natural Resource Damages: A Guide to Litigating and Resolving NRD Cases, edited by Brian D. Israel, Brett Marston, and Lauren Daniel was published by the American Bar Association. Great Ecology is pleased to announce the book contains a chapter by our President and Founder, Dr. Mark Laska. The book, with contributions from multiple Natural Resource Damage (NRD) experts, explores NRD topics related to litigation strategy, cost-effect resolution of NRD cases, and jurisprudence related to the injury of natural resources.

Dr. Laska’s chapter, “The Future of NRD Restoration is ‘Banking’” focuses on the challenges of implementing habitat restoration projects that offset environmental injuries and why these challenges should make purchasing credits from established banks more appealing. He argues that utilizing mitigation or NRD banking professionals increases the likelihood of a successful project because these professionals have a vested interest in overseeing successful projects and that by purchasing offset credits from a bank, permitting time can be drastically reduced.

Dr. Laska is a subject matter expert in NRD expert developing and implementing a NRD response strategy for multiple active national contracts for states and trustees, large industrial, pharmaceutical, and energy sector clients and their legal counsels. The team at Great Ecology is highly experienced in completing Natural Resource Damage Assessments from concept through final report and has provided expert witness support and strategy to litigators, companies, and state trustees. Dr. Laska has served as an expert witness on numerous projects involving NRD and other ecological topics across the United States, is highly knowledgeable in habitat restoration planning and design, and has 25 years of experience, 18 as CEO of Great Ecology.