Great Ecology Welcomes Thea Lemberger, MS!
December 1, 2021
Featured Ecologist: Thea Lemberger, MS
December 9, 2021

Can Climate Resilient Restoration be Adapted to Tribal Lands Following NRD?

Join Great Ecology’s Mark Laska, Ph.D., as he discusses climate resilience focused restoration following Natural Resource Damages (NRD) on Tribal lands as part of the Law Seminars International’s webinar on Tribal Natural Resource Damages Assessments (NRDA). Dr. Laska’s focus is on how climate change affects habitat restoration and conservation, and unique applications on Tribal resources, both on and off Tribal lands. He will join Kyle Graham of Ecosystem Investment Partners and Dr. Ted Tomasi of Integral Consulting for a panel discussion to close out the conference.
Can’t make it to the December 15th webinar? Dr. Laska and Great Ecology’s expert team are available to discuss how we can best address your restoration and environmental litigation needs – connect with us!