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April 6, 2022
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April 19, 2022

15 Ecology Words to Support Your Wordle Streak

Author: Liz Clift

We know a lot of people are playing Wordle right now—and good for you if you’re one of them!—and that a lot of people have very strong feelings about maintaining their Wordle streak! Here are 15 words used to talk about ecology, ecosystems, or inhabitants of ecosystems that you might turn to when you get stuck that you may or may not know—or think about regularly (even if you do know them).

We’ve provided brief definitions, too, since knowing what something means is helpful to remembering the word.

Alder – a type of toothed-leaf tree or shrub in the birch family which produce catkins

Algae – general term for a large group of photosynthetic organisms

Biome – a community of flora and fauna that occupy a major habitat

Birch – a type of deciduous hardwood with thin leaves

Cedar – a type of coniferous tree

Cirri – the modified legs of the barnacle

Coral – a type of marine invertebrate

Fungi –spore-producing organisms that survive by decomposing organic matter

Hypha – the threadlike component of fungi

Larva – an immature form of certain animals

Otter – carnivorous mammal frequently seen in or near rivers, lakes, and marine bodies of water, which feeds primarily on fish and invertebrates

Peaty – referring to soil composition or holding similar characteristics to soil composted of partially decayed vegetative material

Setae – a stiff structure resembling a hair on an invertebrate; can also refer to the stalk supporting the capsule in mosses and liverworts

Smolt – young salmon

Spore – a type of reproductive cell

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