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April 19, 2022
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April 22, 2022

Great Ecology Staff Elevated to New Roles

As part of our continued efforts to recognize the fantastic work of our team, we are excited to announce that several staff have moved into new roles within our firm! Great Ecology encourages and rewards individual initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit as part of our core values and we are proud to say these team members succeed in that. Congratulations to you all!

Jill McGrady Ph.D. - Vice President of Technical Services
In her new role, Dr. McGrady will continue to lead our technical team and manage multiple high-profile projects throughout the United States. With additional focus on the continued growth of the technical team, Dr. McGrady will play a critical role in the expansion of Great Ecology's service area and project development.
David Yozzo, Ph.D. - Director of Ecology
Dr. Yozzo will continue to apply his nearly three decades of experience in ecosystem restoration and resiliency, with a focus on urban and wetland ecology to the full portfolio of Great Ecology’s projects. In his new role, Dr. Yozzo will work closely with technical staff to ensure all projects meet the high standards of our ecological approach.
Justin Heyerdahl, M.E.S.M. - Data Science & Systems Ecology Lead
Justin’s new role sets the stage for expansion of our data science and GIS teams, where he will oversee the application of spatial and non-spatial analytics to our ecological services on a diverse set of projects from environmental litigation support to GIS mapping.
Meghan Bowen, M.E.S.M. - Field Manager
Meghan’s experience in restoration project planning and management makes her considerably qualified for her new role as Field Manager, where she will coordinate with our field teams and support project managers in achieving field work goals.
Davis Ladd - Senior Marketing Manager
In his new role, Davis will continue to lead all marketing and branding activities for Great Ecology while working directly with the senior management team in developing and executing marketing plans and growth strategies at both the local (San Diego/SoCal) and national levels.