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March 26, 2024

Welcome Luis and Vitor From the YLAI Fellowship Program!

Great Ecology is delighted to host two fellows from the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). We welcome Luis Gerardo Carvajal Fernandez, a sustainability leader from Puebla, Mexico, and Vitor Hugo Almeida Junior, an expert in remote sensing and geoprocessing from Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Luis is a Sustainability Operations Specialist at Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. As well as a Venture Building Architect at Siemens Energy Ventures, startup mentor at Techstars, and the co-founder of a green hydrogen climate tech startup called Hydrop. He has participated as a speaker in panels, keynotes, and events at national and international levels, including TEDx, Daring Cities, Talent Land and International Youth Conference.
He is eager to gain insights into the U.S. business landscape and consulting practices. His focus lies in understanding how engineering and design intersect with environmental concerns. Engaged in various projects spanning multiple industries, Luis is particularly interested in integrating his initiatives with environmental restoration efforts. He aims to accelerate nature's healing process while ensuring his ventures contribute positively to society and the planet.
At Great Ecology, Luis sees an opportunity to deepen his environmental focus and explore ways to align his ventures with habitat restoration. He envisions leveraging a diverse perspective to drive technical and scientific innovations, with ongoing projects ranging from marine hydrology to energy storage and even art. He seeks to cultivate a holistic approach to his ventures, prioritizing multi-stakeholder engagement over mere task completion.
Vitor is the co-founder and COO at TideSat, which offers a complete system for water level monitoring of rivers, dams, and seas, which includes hardware and software, to easily provide data and technology for flood mitigation and water level monitoring. He has years of experience in remote sensing and geoprocessing. As well, he specializes in GIS, satellite imagery, mathematical and computational modeling, and programing.
He is looking forward to learning more and understanding U.S. business culture to effectively scale his growing company.  He sees his time at Great Ecology as a chance to learn about restoration practices and incorporate environmental stewardship into his business model. Looking ahead, Vitor aims to establish a solution network addressing long-term water usage and scarcity, intending to educate others on responsible water management and disaster preparedness.
Having the opportunity to host Vitor and Luis from a pool of 280 fellows representing 37 countries through YLAI is a privilege for us at Great Ecology. We are proud to provide them mentorship and a unique insight to the industry of ecological consulting. We can't wait to see all they will accomplish!