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April 9, 2024
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April 17, 2024

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April 16, 2024

Landscape Architecture at Great Ecology: 2024 ASLA World Landscape Architecture Month

April marks the celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month, presented by American Society of Landscape Architects. During this month, we honor the profound influence of landscape architecture on our planet and strive to inspire the next generation of landscape architects. As we progress through the month, be sure to follow as we share more about our landscape architecture services, our projects, and our amazing team! 

To get us started, let’s answer a simple question – what does landscape architecture mean to Great Ecology?

The practice of landscape architecture plays a pivotal role in enriching communities by harmonizing human-made structures with natural landscapes, encompassing landforms, water features, and plant life. As an ecologically driven firm, Great Ecology also sees landscape architecture as a means to restoring and/or improving the ecological health of developed sites and surrounding communities; an opportunity to utilize nature-based solutions to address urban challenges such as water quality and sea level rise; and ultimately the creation of sustainable green spaces that better reflect the natural environment around them.

To achieve these goals, our dedicated team of landscape architects and designers work collaboratively with our ecologists, biologists, and other technical experts to merge sustainable design practices with ecological principles. This legacy of integrated ecological design services has been a key factor in Great Ecology’s success and innovative work since our inception in 2001.

From landmark waterfront parks in New York City to innovative wetland design in the California desert, our diverse landscape architecture experience spans a variety of ecosystems and urban areas. Learn more about our services and projects here!