Senior Hydrologist

Alejandro Baladrón, MAS

Alejandro Baladrón Julian is an environmental scientist specializing in hydrology with 15 years of experience in public and private sector projects. Before receiving his Certificate in Conservation Biology from Fordham University, he worked as an environmental consultant in Spain for five years. His portfolio includes Environmental Impact Assessments, natural capital valuation, conservation banking, biological investigations, ecological restoration of urban streams and wetlands, environmental monitoring on construction sites, water quality assessments, and hydrology modeling, including the design of drainage networks for highway and railway lines, the analysis of evacuation capacity in wastewater drainage systems, and flood risk studies.
Alejandro has ample experience performing advanced mathematical modeling and stats analysis to support decision-making in civil engineering, landscape architecture and environmental projects. He also assisted the Spanish Government for four years in the preparation of technical reports and cost-benefit analyses to request funds for the construction of water supply projects in the Mediterranean Coast under the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) Program. He is part of the Conservation Banking working group at the Ministry of the Environment of Spain, a research forum aimed at implementing conservation banking in Spain. Alejandro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, a Master’s degree in Applied Hydrology, and a Master’s of Advanced Studies in Environmental Sciences. He currently is undertaking a Phd program on river restoration, with a focus on hydropower production effects on river functionality.

Alejandro's Certifications & Memberships

• Conservation Banking working group at the Ministry of the Environment of Spain - member