Senior Ecologist

Beyhan Maybach, Ph.D.

Dr. Beyhan T. Maybach is an ecologist and soil scientist with over 10 years of experience working in a variety of ecosystems, including Canyonlands, tall grass prairie, conifer forest, montane tropical rainforest, subalpine, krummholz, and alpine tundra. She has conducted investigations into soil charcoal as a record of ancient fires and land-use history within old growth tropical rainforests; analyzed and managed multi-year soil nutrient data projects; assessed and overseen environmental data related to water quality and living resources within the Chesapeake Bay Program; performed mine reclamation; and lectured on conservation biology, climate change, and other topics. Dr. Maybach is an expert at handling, and analyzing, large sample sizes and translating the associated datasets into statistical and visual outputs that help tell the story of a site or ecosystem. She holds a Doctorate in Ecology from University of Denver, a Master's in Ecology from Old Dominion University, and a Bachelor's in Biology from Haceteppe Univeristy.

Dr. Maybach's Memberships

• Ecological Society of America
• Society of Ecological Restoration
• Colorado Native Plant Society