Associate Ecologist & Botanist

Chase Mathey

Chase has over five years of experience with rare species monitoring, ecological restoration, and field botany in the Northeast and southern Louisiana. His knowledge centers around restoring degraded plant communities such as sandplain grassland, coastal heathland, salt marsh, and coastal prairie. Chase formerly worked as a field ecologist locating rare plant and reptile populations within utility rights-of-way and other development sites in southern New England. He also brings experience monitoring post-restoration response of sandplain grasslands and tidal creek salt marshes. Before his work in the Northeast, Chase worked for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries sampling vegetation and analyzing data for a rangeland management restoration experiment for coastal prairie remnants.
Chase has extensive experience with rare, threatened, and endangered species, including eastern timber rattlesnake, eastern copperhead, spotted turtle, eastern box turtle, wood turtle, and hundreds of rare species of plants. Chase holds a Bachelors in Natural Resource Ecology & Management from Louisiana State University.

Chase's Professional Associations

• New York Flora Association
• Torrey Botanical Society
• New England Botanical Society