Ecologist Affiliate

Esme Faneuff

Esme is an experienced geologist and environmental scientist, specializing in environmental assessment, investigation, and remediation, and hazardous materials management.  She has four plus years of experience working in environmental consulting in the New York metro area, sampling soil, groundwater, and soil vapor, preparing Phase I reports on diverse properties, and coordinating due diligence and compliance work between stakeholders and local, state, and federal agencies.  
Previously, Esme has worked as a seasonal park ranger in Ridgway, Colorado, where she worked with the park naturalist to develop curriculum for local students on park ecology.  Esme helped facilitate a semester-long program that connected students to local ecology by using data from trail cameras within the park to help students learn about habitats of park fauna.  Esme also had the opportunity to travel to Iceland as a Keck Geology Fellow to collect data for her undergraduate thesis which characterized lava channels at Krafla volcano in Iceland.