Landscape Designer

Hilary Mulford

Hilary is a May 2023 graduate of Cornell University's undergraduate landscape architecture program with a concentration in biocultural restoration. Her studies and coinciding projects merge at the crossroads between environmental science, activism, and design.
Her approach to design is practical and goal oriented while acknowledging her responsibility to the environment and its diverse human and other than human inhabitants. 
Hilary has worked on a variety of projects at multiple scales. In her undergraduate research and design studios she focused on the impact of climate change and sea level rise on waterfront communities. She developed large scale mitigation and restoration master plans placing emphasis on the importance of wetland typologies for the protection of coastal towns and cities, and for the preservation of biodiverse ecosystems. Through an international nonprofit, she led an interdisciplinary team of architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture students in the work of designing schools and dormitories for children in various regions of Nepal. She has experience with greenhouse management and horticulture through her work with botanic gardens. With her background at an engineering and environmental services firm, she has a strong grasp on the creation of design materials such as construction documentation, planting and lighting plans, complex graphic renderings, 3D models, and visual impact studies. Outside of her strong foundation of technical skills Hilary enjoys the creation of conceptual landscape plans, design iterations, and frequent site visits. 
She is motivated by the potential to utilize landscape architecture as a tool to preserve or restore the integrity of both ecological systems and human communities across the globe.