Associate Ecologist

Leslie Fisher

Leslie has 10 years of professional experience in plant identification, monitoring, and surveying, habitat restoration, conservation, and environmental project coordination from positions in Southern and Northern California, Oregon, and Wisconsin. She has monitored and mapped listed and sensitive species, such as the Presidio Clarkia, San Francisco Lessingia, Bigleaf Crownbeard, Santa Susana and Tecate Tarplant, and more. She has used methods of quadrat, transect, releve, and census sampling. As well as habitat assessments, pre-activity survey reports, and utility pole surveys. In addition to plants, she has monitored locally rare reintroduced Three Spined Stickleback and Western Pond Turtles (at the Presidio Trust), surveyed for nesting birds before restoration or construction work was allowed to begin (including for special status species like California Gnatcatcher), and surveyed for burrows and suitable habitat of Burrowing Owls. During habitat restoration projects she has led identification, mapping, and strategizing of invasive plant removal, selected habitat-appropriate native plants for revegetation and designed their layout, assessed habitat needs and timelines, and monitored the progress of restoration. Additionally Leslie can provide expertise in native plant seed collection, propagation, and planting design. Her work has involved working in a wide range of habitats including coastal, chaparral, coastal sage scrub, forest, dunes, desert, riparian, and the Sierra Nevada.
In addition to her field skills, Leslie is experienced in leading environmental projects, coordinating field tasks and crews, writing reports, and assessing environmental permits, regulations, impacts, and constraints for projects such as with utilities. Report writing has included such reporting styles as biological technical reports, jurisdictional delineation, mitigation, field monitoring memos, and the biology section of a PEA.

Leslie's Training

• Identifying & Monitoring Rare Desert Flore - California Native Plant Society (2019)
• California Invasive Plant Council Conference & Workshops (2019, 2016, 2015)
• Society for Ecological Restoration Webinar Series (2019 - 2021)


Leslie's Industry Memberships

• California Native Plant Society
• California Invasive Plant Council