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August 12, 2019
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Landscape Typology & Open Space Management Planning
November 4, 2019
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Central Park Woodlands Restoration

Quick Facts:

  • Acres Assessed: 109 acres
  • Benthic Survey Sample Points: 9
  • Forest Structural Diversity Sample Points: 40
  • Watershed: Hudson/East River

Project Summary:

Great Ecology conducted a feasibility study to inform the Central Park Conservancy’s restoration and management of the iconic Park's Woodlands. The first phase of the study included extensive biological sampling and hydrological modeling of Ramble and North Woods’ watercourses. The results allowed us to determine ecosystem function and change over time, which ultimately informed long-term management planning for the watercourses. The second phase focused on the upland habitats within the Woodlands. We conducted an ecological assessment analyzing vegetation and soils to inform the Conservancy’s development of a Forest Management Plan. Following both phases, Great Ecology recommended restoration strategies that enhance both the ecological functionality and scenic character of the woodlands, balancing the impacts of heavy visitor usage and habitat degradation in an urban mosaic landscape.

New York, NY