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Globeville Landing Stream & Outfall Design

Quick Facts:

  • Site Constraints: Highly urbanized, located on a Superfund site
  • Key Services: Stream Restoration Design, Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Watershed: South Platte River Basin

Project Summary:

Great Ecology served as the ecological consultant to Merrick & Company on the design and restoration of the Montclair Creek stormwater outfall as part of the ongoing Globeville Landing Park redesign. The Creek lost most of its ecological function due to decades of impacts from urbanization and has mostly served as a stormwater conveyance system, including channelization and being forced underground in pipes. Funded through the Platte to Park Hill stormwater retrofitting project, the redesign daylights Montclair Creek near its confluence with the South Platte River (just south of the Denver Coliseum) and restores the ecological function of the Creek within Globeville Landing Park.

Part of the project site lies within the Vasquez Boulevard and I-70 Superfund Site, as well as other contaminated areas along the South Platte River. These environmental constraints required the newly created open channel to be contained within an impermeable barrier system to prevent hydrologic connection with the contaminated substrate and groundwater.

Completed in 2019, the Globeville Landing Park redesign and Montclair Creek restoration created a new, functioning stream channel, added additional park space, and restored part of the South Platte River floodplain, providing residents and visitors with a valuable natural resource within the Denver Metropolitan area.


More Info:

Old Stream, New Ecological Function

IMG_0623Globeville Landing Stream & Outfall Design

Design & Oversight Through an Ecological Lens

Great Ecology provided ecological and design expertise, as well as construction oversight, on the creation of the stream open channel, park integration, and floodplain connectivity. Oversight plays a crucial role in restoration projects by ensuring the ecological goals of the project are met.

Denver, CO