Conceptual plan of vernal pool restoration
Vernal Pool Restoration & Mitigation Permitting
August 21, 2019
Sterling Gulch Ecological Design & Restoration
December 11, 2019
aerial photograph showing open fields and houses

Quick Facts:

  • Acres: 71 acres
  • Watershed: San Luis Rey

Project Summary:

Great Ecology was engaged to provide mitigation bank consulting services on the Moosa Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank (Site) in both the due diligence and permitting phases. Great Ecology conducted a detailed pre-project evaluation to determine the potential value of the Site as an investment, which included an evaluation of the existing design plan and draft permit documents, a pro forma analysis, and a strategy to entitle the Site as a wetland mitigation bank. Following a round of capital funding, Great Ecology is leveraging its planning expertise with its in-depth local public agency experience to advance the project through the design and permitting process.

San Diego, CA